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The European chemical market was volatile and the share price fell all the way

as the Greek debt crisis was expected to be difficult to solve, causing panic among market investors, European chemical stocks continued to fall

the UK FTSE100 index fell 0.65%, the German composite index (DAX) fell 1.31%, and the French CAC40 index fell 1.17%

the European trade index fell, the shares of many major European chemical companies fell, and the Dow Jones index of European Chemicals fell 1.43%

BASF, a major petrochemical manufacturer, fell 1.53% and Bayer fell 1.74%. Shares of k+s, a German fertilizer manufacturer, and wacker fell 2.32% and 6.44% respectively. ACMA shares fell 2.66%, while Solvay, a Belgian chemical group, fell 2.72%

last Thursday, Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and the three leaders of the coalition government reached an agreement on fiscal austerity measures

Greece is deeply in the economic recession at the dawn of the dream of a powerful country in the past history. The finance ministers of the euro zone have asked it to accept a bailout fund of 130billion euros. If the agreement cannot be reached, it will inevitably drag down the eurozone economy

International Monetary Fund J) experimental software: the Chinese Windows interface Organization (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Union unanimously put pressure on the Greek government to cut spending and carry out economic reform. Athens was also asked to further cut its budget by 325million euros. Earlier in November, Greek politicians were deeply worried about fiscal austerity measures. Last Friday, Greek trade unions held a two-day strike to oppose their proposed fiscal cuts. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece also resigned to oppose the agreement on providing two types of first aid under the tight conditions in its reform provisions

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