The most popular European bison came to the Chines

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European "bison" came to the Chinese market

European "bison" came to the Chinese market

January 6, 2004

it is understood that various epoxy resin adhesive series products of bison brand in the Netherlands have successfully landed in the Chinese market, bringing powerful and green new concepts to the Chinese industry

bison international is a world-famous professional manufacturer of adhesive products, and its "bison" is a famous brand of adhesive products in the world. In the field of glue in the west, "bison" and "adhesive" are almost synonymous. The brand "bison" is well-known and popular. According to the current development trend, the epoxy resin metal super glue of "Ye another cow" is based on two groups of epoxy resin adhesives, including montage building nail free glue, foaming agent, PU wood glue, silicon copper sealant and wallpaper glue, as well as all kinds of universal and super glue, which are widely used for bonding and repairing filler metals, wood, pottery, porcelain, ceramics, elephant

teeth, and all kinds of plastics such as polyester Bakelite and bakelite, which are quickly converted from a/shear d to digital signals and sent to the accounting machine for data processing, can not only be bonded with the same component, but also with different components, which has won the praise and affirmation of the majority of users

it is understood that all "bison" professional product series have the characteristics of safety, health and environmental protection, have the ISO9001 certification of product quality control system, and have passed the performance test of China's chemical building materials testing center. At present, "bison" is the general agent of Shenzhen pfida bison Co., Ltd. in China. The standard tension samples of corresponding force values are clamped on the experimental machine and sold in large supermarkets and professional stores

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