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The price of ABS in Europe is certain to rise

manufacturers said that the price of acrylonitrile diene styrene copolymer (ABS) in Europe will increase significantly in June and the third quarter

Dow Chemical announced that it would increase the product price in the European and Middle East markets by 80 euros/ton. The new price will take effect from June 15. This news will affect the impact of contract humidity on plastic prices in July and the third quarter. Another producer adopting the monthly contract price system set a price increase target of euro/ton in June. Previously, the prices in May and April remained the same

the appearance of the seller's table is exquisite, which shows that the price increase is mainly to cope with the increase of raw material cost. The supplier had hoped to increase the price in May, but failed to do so, while the price of styrene continued to rise in June. Meanwhile, the acrylonitrile price in the second week of June was between USD/ton (CIF northwest Europe), which also brought cost pressure to ABS manufacturers

producers said that the only reason why the price of products did not rise in May was the large import of Asian products. A supplier admitted that due to the rise in product prices in April, Asian products began to enter Europe in large quantities

however, when the Asian market price also began to rise and reached the highest point in the past decade, namely USD/ton (CFR Northeast Asia), the threat of cheap imported goods was eliminated, and European producers regained their confidence in raising prices

at the same time, the demand for ABS in Europe has remained strong for several consecutive months, and manufacturers expect that the demand will not decline in the short term

there are great differences among buyers. Some buyers accept the new price, while others think they have the ability to delay or avoid the price increase

in addition, the buyer also believes that the depressing effect of Asian imports on European market prices has not disappeared. The further increase in European prices will attract a large number of Asian imports, and the market may be the same as in April

however, with the increasing price of raw materials, European buyers admit that it is reasonable to increase the price. The main problem is 2 The increase in the cost of the lever drive system needs to be shared by both the buyer and the seller, rather than all of it being passed on to the buyer

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