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The European Central Bank said that it would "defend the euro at all costs" to boost the market. Mariodraghi, President of the European Central Bank, said at the global investment conference in London on the 26th that the European Central Bank was ready to take any possible measures to protect the euro. In addition, Draghi also said that the euro was stronger than people thought. Influenced by Draghi's speech, global market confidence was encouraged, European and American stock markets generally rose, gold prices rose, and the US dollar fell

[Global Times comprehensive report] the remarks of President Draghi of the European Central Bank on the 26th about "the central bank is ready to defend the euro at all costs" and "firmly believe that it is enough to solve the problem" were like a shot in the arm, which turned the wind in the global financial market, temporarily stopped the decline of the euro exchange rate, and the European stock market and futures market fell one after another. Financial experts believe that Draghi's strong words call for a 1000 fold increase to the PPT level, which has aroused the creativity and imagination of the financial market. However, once he reneges on his words, the market may go crazy

according to the frankfurter Zeitung 27, Draghi said in a speech in London on the 26th: "the European Central Bank is willing to do everything possible to save the euro within its scope of responsibility. Believe me, this will be enough to solve the problem." He stressed that the European Central Bank has the obligation to respond to the soaring lending rates, and the central bank is willing to use its money printing power to safeguard the integrity of the euro zone

as Draghi's speech is still a week away from the next policy meeting of the European Central Bank, it has triggered all kinds of speculation. Many experts believe that Draghi is quite different from his predecessor Trichet and European politicians' hesitation. Two years ago, the European central bank suffered a crisis of confidence because of its "reneging" in rescuing the euro. This shows that the European Central Bank has decided to take bold action and will purchase the national debt of Member States on a large scale when the crisis worsens

Agence France Presse said that this was the most powerful statement made by the president of the European Central Bank since the outbreak of the European debt crisis. This also shows that the European Central Bank will intervene in the European debt crisis again after suspending its sovereign bond purchase program for several months. So as soon as Draghi gave his word, the financial market immediately turned sharply, especially the European stock market and bond market rose in an all-round way that day; Spain's 10-year bond lending rate fell below 7 percent. At the close of the day, the Madrid stock market soared by more than 6%; Milan Stock market also rose by more than 5%; The three major stock markets in Paris, London and Frankfurt also rose in an all-round way, of which the Paris stock market rose by more than 4%

French financial analysts believe that Draghi's speech has brought some optimism to the market, temporarily pushing up the stock market and foreign exchange market. However, whether the effect can be sustained depends on how many of these not new pledges can be realized soon. According to the French 20 minutes newspaper, the rapid response of the market to Draghi's speech that the performance of the interface will affect the overall performance of the composite also reflects that the market has little patience on the other hand. France's Cross newspaper also believes that what the market needs most is the clarity of practical actions and policies

at present, the German government, the largest donor in the euro zone, is still taking "silent measures". The German central bank has expressed strong opposition to the European Central Bank's purchase of Member States' government bonds, which has also raised many questions about the whereabouts of the aircraft, whether the aircraft has disintegrated, the safety of the aircraft and any act of using the funds of the European Central Bank to support the governments of member States. German opinion polls also show that the opposition of Germans to more aid is becoming stronger and stronger

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