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Glass glue is a kind of adhesive commonly used in families. Its main components are sodium silicate (Na2O · msio2), acetic acid and organic silicone. Glass glue is used in many places, such as the cracks between the corners of glass doors and windows, bathroom mirrors, toilets, washbasins and walls, etc., so glass glue is very important in home decoration

glass glue is a commonly used adhesive in families. The main component sodium silicate is easily soluble in water and is very viscous, so it is highly corrosive in general. The glass glue will have a strong smell of glue when it is just beaten out. After the glass glue solidifies, the volatile gas will be reduced a lot, but there is still a small amount of volatile gas. So if you use glass glue indoors, you must pay attention to ventilation so that the gas can evaporate quickly. Next, the editor will introduce the brand recommendation and purchasing skills of glass glue

glass glue brand recommendation

1. Golden mouse

Hangzhou Zhijiang silicone Chemical Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of glass glue, a national high-tech enterprise, a standing director unit of China fluorosilicone organic materials industry association, a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of new chemical materials, and one of the first three silicone structural glue production enterprises recognized by the State Economic and Trade Commission

2. Sibao

Chengdu Sibao Technology Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of glass adhesive, a famous trademark in Sichuan Province, a famous brand product in Sichuan Province, a national high-tech enterprise, and the first enterprise listed on the growth enterprise market in Sichuan Province, has participated in the drafting and preparation of a number of national standards. It is the only silicone structural adhesive manufacturer recognized by the former State Economic and Trade Commission in Western China

3. Patex

patex (a subsidiary of Henkel group, one of the most international multinational groups in the global market, the world's top 500 enterprises, a famous brand, Henkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

4. Dow Corning

Dow Corning (China) Investment Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of glass adhesive, founded in the United States in 1943, is a global leader in silicone, silicon-based technology and innovation, Pioneer in the development of commercial silicone products, and one of the largest production and sales Electrical Tape Companies in Europe

5. Xinzhan

Guangdong Xinzhan new chemical materials Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of glass adhesive, one of the most competitive silicone building sealant enterprises in the world, member of China Building Metal Structure Association, Guangdong high-tech enterprise, member of China Building Decoration Association, member of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association

how to remove the glass glue

1. If you apply it to excess places (not dry) in the process of application, you can wipe it with a bag containing clothes, wine and other similar fibers and cloth. The effect is good. If it sticks to your hands or clothes, you must wash it off with clean water before it is dry

2. If the glass adhesive has been cured, it is more difficult to remove. If the cured glass adhesive is attached to glass, ceramics, metals and other items, you can consider scrubbing with solvents such as xylene and acetone, or directly wipe with banana water. If there is less curing adhesive attached, you can also consider scraping it off directly with a scraper

3. Don't worry if the glass glue sticks to your hands and solidifies, because the glass glue won't stick to your hands after curing, so you can remove it by rubbing your hands together

glass glue purchasing skills

1. Don't be greedy for cheap

most users still put cheap products in the first place. They don't realize that using low-cost glue will not only affect the project quality and service life, but also easily cause rework, delay the construction period, and even liability accidents. In order to win huge profits, illegal traders can do tricks on packaging, reduce the weight of glue with thick packaging bottles, and replace brand glue with inferior glue. The huge profits they get are in price. A low-grade glass glue with the same weight can be several times cheaper than brand glass glue, but the viscosity and tension of brand glass glue are 3-20 times stronger than low-grade glass glue, and the service life is 10-50 times longer. Therefore, owners should not be greedy for cheap, so as not to affect the life of interior decoration

2. Understand the differences in performance

some owners bought glass adhesive without knowing the product knowledge, and found many problems in the process of use. The places where glass glue is generally used in home decoration are: the dumb mouth on the back of the wooden line, sanitary ware, toilet, vanity mirror in the bathroom, the gap between the sink and the wall, etc. glass glue with different properties should be used in these places. There are two kinds of glass adhesives commonly used in home decoration: neutral glass adhesives and acid glass adhesives. Neutral glass adhesive is relatively weak, which is generally used in places that do not need a strong adhesive force, such as the back of the bathroom mirror. Neutral glass glue is used more in home decoration, mainly because it will not corrode objects, while acid glass glue is generally used at the dumb mouth on the back of the wood line, with strong adhesion

3. It is very important to pay attention to mold prevention

for example, a lot of glass glue is used in the bathroom. The bathroom is already very wet and easy to mold. It will be ugly after a long time, so glass glue must have mold prevention effect. Generally, the bottle of glass glue will explain that some glass glue with poor quality has no such function at all, so you must recognize it when you buy it

4. Recognize the brand

at present, the quality of glass adhesive in the market is mixed. A relatively simple way is to judge its quality through brand and price. When purchasing, try to choose brand glass adhesives, which are guaranteed in quality, especially in the packaging of these brand glass adhesives, there will be detailed product instructions for buyers to distinguish performance. Sometimes products of the same brand will also be divided into series and grades, and there will be notes on the instructions, such as level 5 and level 7. These grades will correspond to a certain scope and category of use. At present, there is no unified standard for this industry in China, but there will be a unified standard for glass adhesive of foreign brands. For example, sanitary ware should use grade 7 glass adhesive

5. Check the packaging

check whether the factory date, purpose, instructions, precautions and other contents are clear and complete; Second, check whether the net content is accurate. The manufacturer must indicate the specification, model and net content (in grams or milliliters) on the packaging bottle

6. Test colloid

one smell, two gloss, three check particles, four look at bubbles, five check curing effect, six test tensile force and viscosity

editor's summary: that's all for the brand recommendation and purchasing skills of glass glue. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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