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"There is no rain cover at the end of the lotus, and the chrysanthemum residue still has proud frost branches" unknowingly, light snow has arrived, and 2018 is nearing the end. This year, the whole wood customization is blooming all over the country, and the terminal is comprehensively improved

on November 24, the Shunxin whole wood customized Taizhou flagship store, located on the first floor of Jichuan Road Mall, welcomed the opening ceremony

(Shunxin whole wood customization Taizhou flagship store located in Jichuan Road shopping mall)

at this opening ceremony, Mr. Yin Jiuzhen, chairman of Anhui Shunxin whole wood customization, personally visited the site to guide the work, aiming to establish Shunxin whole wood products with "high quality, high taste and high cost performance" and high-quality services with "worry free and lifelong guarantee" and lead a high-grade, new and fashionable whole wood home consumption trend, It opened a new prelude to the battle in Jiangsu market with Taizhou as the center

(Mr. Yin Jiuzhen, chairman of Anhui Shunxin whole wood customization)

on the scene, Mr. Yin Jiuzhen, chairman of Anhui Shunxin whole wood customization, shared with the audience the strategic measures of Shunxin as a whole wood customized home brand in the terminal market. After 13 years of development, Shunxin whole wood has more than 200 stores across the country. Since its establishment in 2005, the brand has mainly integrated modern American style, small French style, European style, new Chinese style American neoclassical and other decoration styles. Shunxin is different from traditional home furnishing brands. It does not follow the production route of large quantities of low-end products or the route of low price discounts. It uses the whole wood home furnishing brand of high-end consumption to open the terminal market and focuses on creating the design aesthetics pursued by young people. The brand locks in the high-end consumer market through the omni channel marketing means of the perfect combination of online and offline, and enhances user stickiness through a series of offline flagship store characteristic value-added services. It is this brand operation mode centered on consumers 360 ° that makes Shunxin whole wood home stand out from many domestic whole wood home brands

the ceremony was full of good gifts and surprises, and the dragon and lion dances were lively. With the blooming of cold fireworks, the rise of the earth explosion ball, and the simultaneous sound of drums and gongs and salutes, Mr. Yin Jiuzhen, chairman of Shunxin whole wood customization, and Mr. Yang Jian, general distributor of Shunxin whole wood furniture, jointly completed the putt ceremony of the opening ceremony of Shunxin whole wood customization Taizhou flagship store. The guests present witnessed an important moment of Shunxin's strategic layout in Taizhou market

in recent years, Chinese people have higher and higher requirements for home building materials and living environment. People have a strong desire to improve the home environment and are willing to pay for health, quality and a better life. Health, quality and design aesthetics have become the first factors to be considered when people buy home products. We should not only make our home beautiful, but also live healthy and comfortable. Shunxin whole wood customized Taizhou flagship store has an overall storefront of 400 square meters, which is divided into 14 areas. As an experiential flagship store, it takes full account of the audience's pursuit of modern high-quality life. With the "private customized" terminal designer service, with personalized design, diversified functions, rationalized spatial layout, maximized use of storage space, and excellent quality, it fully presents the exclusive whole house home space for customers, Let every user have a perfect experience of the customized "comfort home"

Shun Xin whole wood home furnishing Taizhou flagship store

Taizhou, Jiangsu

November 24, 2018

in the 21st century, where challenges and opportunities coexist, Shun Xin whole wood home furnishing continues to develop new products, pursue perfect quality, take product quality as the core appeal, take the market as the center, and take consumer demand as the guide, and provide high-quality products for the majority of consumers. I believe that Taizhou flagship store will surely establish a firm foothold in Taizhou and radiate the whole Jiangsu Province. Shunxin wholeheartedly welcomes dealers and friends to join in and cooperate to create a brilliant tomorrow! In the future, Shunxin whole wood customization stores will continue to settle in major cities across the country. Let's wait and see




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