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In home decoration, the decoration design of balcony should not only conform to practicality, but also pay attention to safety and hygiene. Generally speaking, the area of the balcony is not too large, mostly about 35 square meters. It is such a small space, which should take into account the functions of people's activities, planting flowers and grass, stacking debris and so on. Therefore, reasonable arrangements must be made in the design, so that all functions can be realized as far as possible. In the process of decoration design, special attention should be paid to the arrangement of space. Some potted flowers and trees can be cultivated in the balcony, which can be viewed and shaded. The closed balcony can be installed with aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows along the opening of the balcony, which can be decorated into a place with specific functions, such as a greenhouse, dedicated to planting flowers and plants, or a study, bedroom, etc. There are only two keys to balcony hard decoration: the first is waterproof, and the second is waterproof. The first waterproof refers to the waterproof of balcony windows. In the south, the construction technology of balcony windows is often the key to whether your family can survive the typhoon season. Balcony window waterproof, first of all, we should pay attention to the quality of the window, the sealing is good. Make no mistake about the inside and outside of the waterproof frame. If your balcony has no windows at all, or the waterproof of your balcony window is not good, then it's the second waterproof line. The second waterproof refers to the waterproof of balcony ground. The waterproof of balcony ground, the first is to ensure that the ground has a slope. The lower side is the drain. The second is to ensure that the balcony and living room should be at least 2-3 cm high. If the balcony is perfectly planned, it will become a part of the living room, a small study, or a lunch break area. As long as you use a little thought, it will amaze you. 1. Leave a green space in modern living rooms, people are often far away from nature, so we need to add more green to the space. If you like to grow flowers and grass, you can design a corner of the balcony as a flower and grass exhibition area, and the green bricks on the wall are the best background. Although the area is limited, it can provide a good place for the host to relax and exercise. 2. The decoration of double balconies is divided into primary and secondary. Many houses have two or even three balconies. In the design of family decoration, the double balcony should be divided into primary and secondary, and must not be treated equally. The balcony adjacent to the living room and master bedroom is the main balcony, and its function is mainly leisure. In the use of decoration materials, it is not different from the living room. The commonly used materials are laminate floors, floor tiles, etc. if the sealing is done well, carpets can also be paved. Generally, the interior wall emulsion paint is used on the wall and top, and the variety and style should be consistent with the living room and master bedroom. The secondary balcony is generally adjacent to the kitchen, or connected with the living room and the room outside the master bedroom. The main functions of the secondary balcony are storage, clothes drying, etc. Therefore, the balcony can be decorated without sealing. The ground should be made of non slip floor tiles that are not afraid of water, and the top and walls should be made of exterior wall paint. In order to facilitate storage, lockers can be placed on the secondary balcony to store sundries. 3. The exquisite balcony study closes the balcony with glass and wood into a small home study. The green leaves outside the window seem to be within reach, as if they will soon enter the room. Nature and the room blend in this small space of the balcony. In order to save space, desks, bookshelves and filing cabinets can be designed to be small and unique, which not only provides perfect practical functions, but also takes up less space. 4. The arc-shaped roof is chic and generous. If the balcony is large and located on the top floor, it should belong to the terrace. A transparent arc-shaped daylighting roof can be added to the balcony, which can be used as a room. Sunlight sprinkles on the walls made of cultural stones and the ground paved with bluestone slabs through daylighting boards, illuminating the cobblestone path &hellip& hellip; These gardening techniques, when used on the balcony, will give people a strong sense of leisure. 5. The balcony is decorated with bricks skillfully. The top of the balcony can follow the process of hanging beams in traditional Chinese architecture to make two false beams of red beech. The walls are made of exterior wall tiles, and the ground is made of plain Spanish tiles. Such a combination of inside and outside, deep and shallow design, will make the atmosphere of the whole balcony different




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