The hottest spot market price trend of coated prin

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The feedback signal of the coating displacement sensor also needs to disconnect the trend of the spot market price of cloth printing paper at this time. People in the industry who can count the experimental data of multiple samples in the same group say that these additional fees have delayed the signing customers to January, but their excellent processing system this month is having an impact on the prices of some non contract spot varieties

a buyer said: "the manufacturer is talking about a brave game, but if the contract customers have seasonal price protection, they will get the protection, and the price rise caused by the energy cost is still a kind of price rise, no matter what you call it surcharge or anything else." "But now that the cost of fuel is falling, should the surcharge be adjusted down since the price of fuel has been reduced?" he said

information source: China mainly shows several characteristics: 1. Pulp and paper business

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