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Sany excavator dances square dance on the site of the Fourth Asia Europe Expo

Sany excavator dances square dance on the site of the Fourth Asia Europe Expo

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during the automobile firmware fair of the Fourth Asia Europe Expo, Sany exhibition area is always the most popular, especially at 11:00 and 16:00 every day, when the equipment performance show begins, the popularity on the site bursts. This year, the equipment performance was upgraded again, extreme elements were added, and a square dance was also performed

the main "rubber wheel operator" of the performance show is three Sany star excavators, two sy75c small excavators and one sy215 medium excavators, of which sy75c-9 excavator has been the champion in the sales of excavators of the same tonnage for three consecutive years. At ordinary times, they are quietly parked in the exhibition area, which seems to be no different from other exhibits. But when the music sounded and the excavators on the large side screen began to turn into robots, their warm-up movement also began

moving forward is a simple preparatory activity. Walking on one side shows the drift skill. Then, the excavator does not forget to extend its "arms" to the audience. After turning around and stretching its "dance" posture, the excavator starts Taijiquan again. Finally, it also lifts the extreme sports performer to do the air Weiya movement. Walking on one side, rotating synchronously, taking off the chassis and twisting in place, every move of Sany excavator from product design to recycling surprised the audience. Finally, Sany excavator and the performers jumped up "Sany style", and the performance ended

"this performance show mainly reflects Sany's dream of rebuilding the silk road." The relevant person in charge of Sany Exhibition Department explained that the performers' wearing "little bee clothes" means that Sany people are smart and hardworking, and sany has brought this spirit to the Asia Europe Expo

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