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Taiyuan City: surprise inspection and rectification of hidden dangers in the furniture market Taiyuan City: surprise inspection and rectification of hidden dangers in the furniture market April 15, 2016

[China paint information] recently, the Jiancaoping brigade of the Taiyuan public security fire detachment organized and held a promotion meeting on the special rectification of fire safety in shopping malls and markets in the region. The main principals of shopping malls and markets in the region attended the meeting

after the meeting, the law enforcement personnel made a surprise inspection on the fire safety of each market and rectified the hidden dangers on the spot


"The fire administrative license procedures of merchants around xinjiayuan building materials market are inconsistent with the actual situation, and the fire administrative license procedures of merchants in the middle of the market are not obtained in accordance with the law; the vast majority of merchants and merchants are separated by wood panels, which is not subject to fire separation; the configuration of fire-fighting facilities does not meet the national requirements; there is no water in outdoor fire hydrants and underground fire hydrants; electrical circuits are not tested and there is a phenomenon of private pulling and disorderly connecting; there is pumping in the market Smoke phenomenon. " At the beginning of the meeting, the law enforcement officers pointed out the hidden dangers of each wholesale market under their jurisdiction one by one

after checking the strength values of law enforcement personnel with figures, it is found that there are common hidden dangers in various markets, such as smoking, blocking the fire passage, disorderly parking and placing of trucks, unauthorized pulling and connecting of wires, and road occupation by merchants


law enforcement personnel require all suppliers to select the plywood market according to the size of the test piece, determine the person in charge of fire safety, and establish an organization

carry out daily fire patrol inspection, inspect the fire-fighting facilities and equipment inside the unit, supervise and urge the implementation of fire hidden. This investment will create about 20 new jobs in Krefeld Uerdingen factory for rectification, timely handle major fire-fighting problems, and register them

at the same time, establish a volunteer fire brigade, implement a 24-hour duty system, and establish a miniature fire station. Organize the formulation of fire fighting and emergency evacuation plans in line with the actual situation of the unit, and conduct drills every quarter

units with automatic fire-fighting facilities must ensure a 24-hour two person duty system and must work with certificates. Establish and implement safety training system and carry out regular fire safety education

in addition, within the unit, 1. Carry out the fire 6+1 work for the conventional electronic universal material testing machine, that is, carry out a fire safety assessment, sign a fire safety commitment, maintain the fire-fighting facilities, organize the inspection of the electrical and gas line facilities, comprehensively clean the oil fume duct, and train all employees once

after the meeting, law enforcement officers raided the modern furniture world

during the visit, hidden dangers appeared one by one. The roof of hall 2 and lighting hall was covered with colored steel plates; Warehouses covered with color steel plates on the roof of the lighting hall are not equipped with fire-fighting facilities; Individual individual building merchants privately pull and connect wires in disorder

the law enforcement personnel shall inform the market leader of the existing problems one by one, put forward the rectification plan, and order the market to rectify within a time limit. At the same time, the market is required to carry out daily fire patrol, check fire-fighting facilities and equipment, register them, and deal with problems in a timely manner

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