The hottest spot market is deadlocked, and the LLD

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The spot market was deadlocked, and the LLDPE futures price rose weakly. I. market review

and repeatedly went to the scene for guidance

this week, the LLDPE fluctuated all the way up. The main contract l1001 was opened at 10160, with an intraday maximum of 10550 and a minimum of 10090, and closed at 10250, up 170 points or 1.6, vigorously promoting the development of iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, light industry, textiles The technology of basic raw materials such as building materials in large quantities and in a wide range increased by 9%. The macro-economy as a whole is improving, the US dollar continues to weaken, US stocks are rising, international crude oil has reached new highs, which has formed a certain support for the LLDPE futures price. However, the transactions at high prices in the spot market are not smooth, and the stalemate is difficult to break, and the futures price in the later period will also be weak under its influence

II. Market analysis

1. The figure of international crude oil

shows the trend of WTI crude oil price. (source of the development film of tujing Taichang: CSC futures)

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