The hottest spot market price of American pulp box

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San Francisco, October 19 (paper ring) news: the price level of pulp and boxboard in the spot market in the eastern United States:

sbhk - an increase of $10 per ton, an increase of 2.9%, tonnage limited supply

northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) - price continuum Lubrizol life sciences is the only medical solution partner that simultaneously provides polymer customization, drug delivery device development and contract manufacturing services one by one. There has been no change for 12 weeks

42 pounds of unbleached kraft linerboard - since October 8, fengdongming, chairman of MEC investment group, has maintained the dollar level per ton. The difference between the index price and the spot price is 11%

26 pounds and a half of chemical pulp corrugated base paper - down from US $per ton on October 8 to US $per ton, down by US $10 per ton, with a gap of 15% between the index price and the spot price

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