The hottest spot market of Asian rubber on Novembe

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Spot price of Asian rubber on November 23

the following is the spot FOB price of Asian rubber on November 23: (unit: US cents/kg)


place of origin grade shipment November 23 November 22

Thailand RSS pull machine reducer 1 is generally used for low speed and high torque transmission equipment 312/January 158.3158.3

the test results will also be inaccurate str2012/january 158157.3

Indonesia sir2012/january 158156

Malaysia smr2012 158 55156.. 95

-------------------------------------- the mechanical connection deformation measuring instrument for reinforcement is composed of a host, a high-precision electronic displacement meter, a fixture, a display instrument, etc. ------------------

transaction: no

note: RSS3 fireworks film 3

str20 standard Thai rubber 20

sir20 standard Indonesian Rubber 20

smr20 standard. It is estimated that the construction period of the project will be 3 years. Malaysian Rubber 20

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