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(camellus, high-end villa outdoor building materials) as a classical building material, wood based construction products have been popular since ancient times, and it is regarded as the standard configuration of courtyard landscape. But with the development of modern society, people are pursuing a new concept while pursuing a kind of architectural beauty, that is, environmental protection and Transcendence of aluminum alloy grape trellis! The aluminum alloy grape trellis came into being with the development of classic inheritance and modern technology. The all aluminum flower trellis has a very realistic effect. In terms of style characteristics, it can be combined with urban characteristics and household characteristics, eliminating people's cold impression of metal, and also has natural affinity. Aluminum alloy grape rack This effect makes the space environment full of humanistic atmosphere

outdoor furniture, people first think of outdoor tables and chairs made of rattan, aluminum alloy and other materials. In fact, aluminum alloy grape trellis can better reflect the connotation of being close to nature with its visual beauty and the most suitable touch with the human body

in summer, you need to consider a sunshade. Nothing is more emotional, useful and attractive than the natural tone provided by the aluminum alloy grape trellis

aluminum alloy grape trellis It is the most popular function in the backyard. If you want to plant creeping plants, such as clematis, evening jasmine, honeysuckle, and of course grapevine, this is a good choice

aluminum alloy is the most popular material, because aluminum alloy grape trellis is strong enough to support plants and harvested leaves





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